UT Dallas' SACSCOC Project

The 2024 Fifth-Year Interim Report Project Overview

UT Dallas has initiated its upcoming Fifth-Year Interim Report project. The Fifth-Year Leadership Team has been created to prepare for a robust report with minimal findings by leading the campus community by (1) raising awareness through improved communication and sharing documentation; (2) improving policies and procedures; (3) conducting surveys and collecting data; (4) analyzing the results to improve the University’s support services, and (5) establishing the University’s report infrastructure to review and update the 2017-2018 reports. By doing so, UT Dallas will adhere to SACSCOC’s commitment to respond to the U.S. Department of Education’s requirements that SACSCOC provides continuous monitoring of institutions and to review newly initiated sites between decennial affirmation reviews.

The Interim Report will be due March 15, 2024, containing documentation and evidence of compliance within a subset of the Principles of Accreditation (see below), and a Quality Enhancement Plan Impact Report based on the New Transfer Student Success. Those denoted with asterisks will be reviewed by the Faculty Fifth-Year Committee to make recommendations for improved UT Dallas policies and/or procedures as applicable.

The Principles for the Interim Report includes: