UT Dallas’ SACSCOC Project

The 2014 Fifth-Year Interim Report Project Overview

The previous SACSCOC Project reflected the University's development of the Fifth-Year Interim Report, which is designed by the Commission to provide continuous monitoring of institutions and to review newly initiated sites between decennial affirmation reviews. The Interim Report, which was submitted on March 25, 2014, contained documentation and evidence of compliance within a subset of the Principles of Accreditation (see below), and a Quality Enhancement Plan Impact Report based on the Gateways to Excellence in Math and Science (GEMS) Project. The Interim Report Principles included:

  • Number of Full-time Faculty (CR 2.8)
  • Student Support Services (CR 2.10)
  • Qualified Administrative and Academic Officers (CS 3.2.8)
  • Institutional Effectiveness: Educational Programs (CS
  • Admissions Policies (CS 3.4.3)
  • Qualified Academic Program Coordinators (CS 3.4.11)
  • Physical Facilities (CS 3.11.3)
  • Student Achievement (FR 4.1)
  • Program Curriculum (FR 4.2)
  • Publication of Policies (FR 4.3)
  • Program Length (FR 4.4)
  • Student Complaints (FR 4.5)
  • Recruitment Materials (FR 4.6)
  • Title IV Program Responsibilities/Financial Aid Audits (FR 4.7/CS 3.10.2)
  • Distance and Correspondence Education (FR 4.8)
  • Definition of Credit Hours (FR 4.9)
  • Policy Compliance (CS 3.13.1)