2018 Reaffirmation Teams - Mission, Governance, and Administration Committee

Mission, Governance, and Administration Committee

This committee reviews not only UT Dallas' compliance with the SACSCOC Principles, but also the UT System Board of Regents' compliance. Both the UT System and the Board of Regents play an integral role in UT Dallas' operation, and to the extent they provide the framework for UT Dallas' performance, their performance is also a factor. Additionally, this committee reviews UT Dallas' mission statement, how that mission statement translates into action, and the role of the faculty and the administrative staff in leading the institution.

Mission, Governance, and Administration Committee Members

David Cordell (Committee Chair)Secretary of the Senate; Clinical Professor, Naveen Jindal School of Management
Serenity Rose King (Committee Vice-Chair)Assistant Provost for Policy and Program Coordination and SACSCOC Liaison, Provost’s Office
Richard K. ScotchVice Speaker of the Senate; Professor, School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences
Kurt J. BeronProfessor; School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences
Colleen DuttonAssociate Vice President of Human Resources, Office of Administration
Abby R. KratzHandbook of Operating Procedures Chair; Associate Provost, Provost’s Office
Terry PankratzVice President for Budget and Finance, Office of Budget and Finance
Timothy ShawUniversity Attorney, Office of Administration
Amanda SmithAssociate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students; Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) Co-Director
Mary Jo VenetisDirector, Provost's Office
Vy TrangAdministrative Associate, Provost’s Office

Mission, Governance, and Administration Committee Principles

  • 2.1: Degree-granting Authority
  • 2.2: Governing Board
  • 2.3: Chief Executive Officer
  • 2.4: Institutional Mission
  • 2.6: Continuous Operation
  • 3.1.1: Mission
  • 3.2.1: CEO Evaluation/Selection
  • 3.2.2: Governing Board Control
  • Governing Board Control Institution's Mission
  • Governing Board Control Fiscal Stability of the Institution
  • Governing Board Control Institutional Policy
  • 3.2.3: Board Conflict of Interest
  • 3.2.4: External Influence
  • 3.2.5: Board Dismissal
  • 3.2.6: Board/Administration Distinction
  • 3.2.7: Organizational Structure
  • 3.2.8: Qualified Administrative/Academic Officers 1
  • 3.2.9: Personnel Appointment 1
  • 3.2.10: Administrative Staff Evaluations
  • 3.2.11: Control of Intercollegiate Athletics
  • 3.2.12: Fund-raising Activities
  • 3.2.13: Institution-related Entities
  • 3.2.14: Intellectual Property Rights
  • 3.4.3: Admissions Policies 1
  • 3.4.5: Academic Policies 1
  • 3.4.7: Consortial Relationships/Contractual Agreements 1
  • 3.7.5: Faculty Role in Governance 1
  • 3.12.1: Substantive Change
  • 3.13.1: Policy Compliance
  • 3.14.1: Publication of Accreditation Status
  • 4.3: Publication of Policies
  • 4.6: Recruitment Materials
  1. Principle assigned to multiple committees.

Mission, Governance, and Administration Committee Agendas

Mission, Governance, and Administration Committee Minutes