2018 Reaffirmation Teams - Learning and Student Resources Committee

Learning and Student Resources Committee

This committee determines the adequacy of UT Dallas' support systems for student achievement. Simply, this committee must examine the Eugene McDermott Library, its holdings, its budget, its staff, and its program mission and goals to determine whether or not the Library meets the needs of the UT Dallas student population and faculty. Additionally, it focuses on student rights and responsibilities, the integrity and confidentiality of student records, and the effectiveness and quality of student affairs programming.

Learning and Student Resources Committee Members

Josh Hammers (Committee Chair)Director of Assessment, Student Affairs
Debbie Montgomery (Committee Vice-Chair)Associate Library Director, University Library
Paul F. DiehlProfessor, EPPS; Ashbel Smith Professor; Associate Provost Teaching Center
Vladimir DragovicProfessor and Program Head, School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Richard GoldenProfessor, Behavioral and Brain Sciences
James CanniciDirector, Student Counseling Center
Leticia Zamarripa
Darren CroneAssistant Provost, Learning Technologies
Don DavisDirector, Technology Customer Service, Office of Information Technology
Frank FeagansAssociate Vice President of Enterprise Applications, Office of Information Technology
Kimshi HickmanAssociate Dean, Student Success Center
John JacksonAssociate Dean, Office of Undergraduate Education
Elizabeth SamuelSenior Associate Director of Academic Records, Registrar's Office
Amanda SmithAssociate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students; Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) Co-Director
Mary Jo VenetisDirector, Provost's Office
Grant BranamStudent Fee Advisory Committee Representative, Student Government; School of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication
Luis Garcia FuentesLibrary Committee Student Representative, Naveen Jindal School of Management

Learning and Student Resources Committee Principles

  • 2.9: Learning Resources and Services
  • 2.10: Student Support Services
  • 3.4.9: Academic Support Services 1
  • 3.4.12: Technology Use
  • 3.8.1: Learning/Information Resources
  • 3.8.2: Instruction of Library Use
  • 3.8.3: [Library and/or Learning/Information Resources] Qualified Staff
  • 3.9.1: Student Rights
  • 3.9.2: Student Records
  • 3.9.3: [Student Affairs] Qualified Staff
  • 4.5: Student Complaints
  1. Principle assigned to multiple committees

Learning and Student Resources Committee Agendas

Learning and Student Resources Committee Minutes