2007 Reaffirmation Teams :: 4.6 - 2007 Reaffirmation Teams

2007 Reaffirmation Teams

4.6 - 2007 Reaffirmation Teams

Recruitment materials and presentations accurately represent the institution's practices and policies.

Compliance Judgment



The University of Texas at Dallas (UT Dallas) accurately represents itself in its recruitment materials and presentations. With the arrival of a new chief executive officer, with a new strategic plan and revised mission statement, with the hiring of a new vice president for communications, and with a relocation (from student affairs to academic affairs) of the enrollment services/recruitment functions, UT Dallas has begun to rework its recruitment and public relations strategies. As a result, many of the recruitment materials now focus more on the student than on the institution and address more directly what people want and need to know about UT Dallas.

Recruitment materials at UT Dallas take many forms because any publication or bumper sticker can serve as a recruitment tool. For example, visiting students and other guests receive copies of student publications, including the special orientation edition of the student newspaper which provides a basic introduction to life at UT Dallas [1]. On a more public scale, with the introduction of a new strategic plan, “Creating the Future,” targeted materials were developed that focus on an overview of the university. These include the fact book [2] that reviews enrollment numbers, student characteristics, prominent research programs, and academic offerings, all of which has been published or verified through other official reports or documents. The strategic plan itself was summarized in a publication [3] that highlights the primary goals and priorities of the new plan.

General advertising for the university highlights specific facets of the campus and its programs. UT Dallas is most often viewed as an institution primarily focused on science, engineering, and technology. As such, one print ad focuses on the recently-completed Natural Science and Engineering Research Laboratory (NSERL) Building [4]. Another print ad [5] uses the “Creating the Future” theme from the strategic plan to focus on a range of activities on the campus and of faculty and alumni. Other ads offer a slightly different take by using a bit of humor to highlight UT Dallas’ expertise in computer sciences [6] and nanotechnology [7]. Another ad focuses specifically on the research programs run by two of the university’s high profile women researchers [8]. A more recent advertisement in Texas Monthly highlighted the university’s new guaranteed tuition plan [9].

Recruitment materials are directly aimed at potential students. The Office of Enrollment Services has changed its approach over the last few years. For example, a flyer about a Transfer Expo from spring 2006 continued UT Dallas’ trademark green-and-orange as a dominant theme and focused on information available at the expo events [10] [11]. More recent promotional materials use a new, more modern, high-tech look. For example, a flyer targeted to Richland College students highlights the “Comet Connection” and the guaranteed tuition rate that is a part of that program for transfer students. This flyer also highlights one of the recruitment events occurring regularly throughout the year, Preview Friday [12]. The Comet Connection brochure [13] has been designed for community college students across the North Texas Region and provides specific application deadlines for the guaranteed tuition plan; it too employs the new, high-tech look.

Over the last two years, the institution’s recruitment and recruitment-related materials have used photographs of UT Dallas students as one way of connecting with the target population, but the blending of newer elements shows a progression toward the new approach. The fall 2007 “high school postcard [14]” is a first-contact item and shows a diverse group of students. The international brochure [15] for fall 2007 provides considerably more information but serves as a follow-up piece once an interest has been expressed. A similar brochure targets identified National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalists and Finalists [16]. Promotional materials for college fair events provide a quick overview of key points for potential students [17] [18]. Other materials produced more recently continue to reflect the new brand or theme, including the more generic Preview Friday [19] and Scholars Day [20] event flyers.

As applicants are admitted, they receive a “next steps” brochure that provides more information to make the transition to UT Dallas less stressful. This brochure follows the new branding theme and still provides photographs of UT Dallas students on the campus [21]. Different subsets of admitted students also receive materials from various campus offices, including Financial Aid, Housing, International Student Services, and New Student Programs.

Aside from the primary recruitment materials for the overall university community, the larger academic units (the schools) have developed recruitment materials to highlight their own offerings to more targeted populations. For example, the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science (ECS) has adopted the brand “Fearless Engineering,” a theme that runs across multiple offerings. Presented in a black folder in which the inside sleeve provides a basic overview of the school [22], a CD [23] with faculty profiles offers students a glimpse of the people engaged in diverse research projects across the school. Dr. Andrew Blanchard [24], Dr. Matthew Goeckner [25], and Dr. Gopal Gupta [26] are but three of the ECS staff highlighted. Other materials highlighting the school and its programs include an introduction by the dean [27] and a brochure focusing on the founders of UT Dallas (and Texas Instruments) [28]. The school also utilizes the website to promote a targeted message about on-campus events that include opportunities for potential students to meet with faculty members and tour the facilities [29].

While ECS focuses on specific research and the overall engineering programs, the School of Management (SOM) focuses on its diverse academic programs in its recruitment materials. For example, in a folder distributed to potential students, SOM includes one-page flyers providing overviews of such programs as accounting information management [30], the Cohort MBA program [31], the Executive MBA program [32], and its overall graduate [33] and undergraduate [34] programs. SOM also produces a biannual magazine highlighting alumni, faculty, and programs [35].

With the consolidation of the public relations, news and information, web services, and other publications under the vice president for communications, a more consistent branding initiative is well underway at UT Dallas, and a clearinghouse for publications has been created in the form of a Communications Council to help integrate information regarding the university [36]. Information in recruitment materials is consistently checked by departmental officials, members of the Communications Council, and staff within the Office of Communications. All information is compared against the information from the Office of Strategic Planning and Analysis [37], which is the official source of data at UT Dallas, to ensure accurate representation.

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