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2007 Reaffirmation Teams

3.5.2 - 2007 Reaffirmation Teams

The institution awards degrees only to those students who have earned at least 25 percent of the credit hours required for the degree through instruction offered by that institution. In the case of undergraduate degree programs offered through joint, cooperative, or consortia arrangements, the student earns 25 percent of credits from the participating institutions. (See Commission policy "The Transfer or Transcripting of Academic Credit.")

Compliance Judgment



The University of Texas at Dallas (UT Dallas) awards degrees only to those students who have earned at least 25% of the hours required for their degree at UT Dallas. The undergraduate catalog (both the online and paper versions) specifies at least 25% of the total semester credit hours required (for the School of Management, 50% of the total Business credit hours) must be taken at UT Dallas [1]. Similarly, the online and paper versions of the graduate catalog specify that no more than one half of the required credit hours of any degree may be transferred into UT Dallas [2]. No more than 15 semester credit hours of graduate courses taken elsewhere can be transferred towards a master’s degree (and master’s degrees require at least 30 total semester credit hours). No more than one-half of the required hours for a doctoral degree can be transferred from another university. Graduate degree requirements thus meet the 25% minimum requirement for credit awarded by the institution awarding the degree. For a fuller discussion of the graduate credit hour requirement, please see the response to Principle 3.6.3 [3].

At the undergraduate level, these rules are monitored by academic advisors within each degree program and by the Office of the Registrar at the time students apply for graduation. Undergraduate transcripts and degree plans undergo a thorough degree requirements audit by individual advisors with the On Course module in the student information system [4] once students have earned 75 semester credit hours toward the degree. If the audit reveals deficiencies, advisors help the student correct the problem. If the final graduation degree audits conducted by the Office of the Registrar reveal that students have not earned the required hours in residence, then those students are not allowed to graduate until the required hours are earned.

At the graduate level, the dean and the assistant dean of graduate studies review every degree plan for every graduate student who applies to graduate. Because graduate transfer credit is limited to a maximum of one-half of the degree credit hours (15 hours for master’s degree credit and up to one-half of doctoral credit), all graduate students earning an advanced degree have earned at least one-half of the academic credit through UT Dallas. The Office of the Registrar also audits every graduating student’s file to ensure compliance with this principle as well as the degree requirements of every academic program.

Currently, UT Dallas has no joint programs. The two consortial agreements discussed in the response to Principle 2.7.4 [5], the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology/University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth College of Osteopathic Medicine accelerated program and the Healthcare Management/The University of Texas Southwestern Medical School Executive MS program, are both in compliance with this Principle. For the Molecular and Cell Biology program, only 25% of the degree can be transferred. For the Healthcare Management program, all classes are jointly taught with UT Dallas and UT Southwestern faculty and are recorded as UT Dallas courses (UT Dallas awards the degree) [6].

As discussed in the response to Principle 3.4.7 [7], because of the large number of affiliation agreements with international institutions [8], the Office of International Education and the Office of the Registrar monitor closely all academic credit awarded through such agreements. The credit is recorded as transfer credit; as such, the residency restrictions require the 25% resident credit provision be met in addition to such awarded credit.

UT Dallas students may enroll in The University of Texas System (UT System) TeleCampus courses [9]; the TeleCampus (UTTC) is UT System’s centralized unit that facilitates distance learning or e-learning initiatives for all UT System component institutions. UT Dallas currently uses none of the UTTC courses in a consortial or joint program. UTTC credit is transcripted as transfer credit unless UT Dallas is the host institution offering the course [10]. In all cases, UT Dallas’ practices conform to the SACS policy “Transfer or Transcripting of Academic Credit” [11] with all UT Dallas graduates having earned at least 25% of total hours at UT Dallas.

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