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2007 Reaffirmation Teams

3.2.13 - 2007 Reaffirmation Teams

Any institution-related foundation not controlled by the institution has a contractual or other formal agreement that (1) accurately describes the relationship between the institution and the foundation, and (2) describes any liability associated with that relationship. In all cases, the institution ensures that the relationship is consistent with its mission.

Compliance Judgment



The University of Texas at Dallas (UT Dallas) has identified two organizations that are institution-related foundations not controlled by the institution: the Callier Foundation and the Utley Foundation. As indicated by the formal bylaws of these foundations, UT Dallas has no financial liability with these two organizations and the relationships are consistent with the university’s mission as indicated below. These organizations are registered as independent not-for-profit organizations under the Internal Revenue Code Section 501 (c) (3) and 509(s) (2) qualifying for the primary purpose of supporting the instruction, research, and public service initiatives of the university.

UT Dallas has recently completed “Creating the Future,” a new ten-year strategic plan [1]. In the process of constructing the plan, UT Dallas’ mission statement was revised to more explicitly state that the university serves the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex by producing engaged students, advancing research programs in the sciences, and transforming ideas into actions that benefit the lives of the citizens of Texas [2]. The strategic plan provides initiatives and imperatives that will ensure that UT Dallas fulfills its mission. Specifically, as pertains to the two foundations discussed in response to this Principle, the plan refers to (1) improving the quality of life through health initiatives such as those spearheaded by the Callier Center for Communication Disorders and (2) improving the residential life of students by creating living-learning communities in UT Dallas’ student housing.

The Callier Foundation was established for the purpose of enhancing the ability of the Callier Center for Communication Disorders [3], a component of UT Dallas, to grow its status as a major center serving the needs of the communication-impaired. The major activities of the Callier Foundation are (1) to serve as an active advocate for Callier and its needs in the local community, (2) to acquire, manage, and make available funds and other assets for use by Callier in maximizing its ability to perform research, service and other functions in support of its mission, and (3) to act as an advisory and consultative resource to the executive director of Callier [4] [5].

Dr. Thomas Campbell, the executive director of the Callier Center, and Dr. Ross Roeser, the director emeritus, are ex officio members of the Callier Foundation Board. The Callier Foundation Board minutes [6] [7], a board membership list [8], and the Callier Foundation financial statement for the most recent year [9] are provided as evidence of the foundation’s activities in support of UT Dallas’ mission.

The Utley Foundation’s articles of incorporation and bylaws state that “[t]he purposes for which the Corporation is organized and to be operated are exclusively charitable and educational within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Code and, in accomplishment of such purposes, the Corporation will operate exclusively for the benefit of The University of Texas at Dallas … and any property owned by the Corporation will be used exclusively for the benefit of the University of Texas at Dallas [10] [11].”

The Utley Foundation owns and operates student housing for the benefit of UT Dallas. The Utley Foundation is the sole member of Waterview Park Apartments L.L.C. [12]. Dr. David Daniel, the president of UT Dallas, and Dr. Darrelene Rachavong, the vice president for student affairs, serve on the board of the Utley Foundation. The Utley Foundation Board minutes [13] [14], a Board membership list [15] and the financial statement for the most recent year [16] are provided as evidence of the foundation’s activities in support of UT Dallas’ mission.

Supporting Documents

Footnote Document
[1]UT Dallas Strategic Plan
PDF Document, 25 Pages, 137.29 KB (plan1033)
[2]UT Dallas Mission Statement
PDF Document, 2 Pages, 11.70 KB (statement1017)
[3]Callier Center Homepage Website
PDF Document, 1 Page, 117.81 KB (statement1332)
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PDF Document, 11 Pages, 1.58 MB (bylaw1042)
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PDF Document, 6 Pages, 341.83 KB (minutes1054)
[7]Callier Board Meeting Minutes 20070516
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PDF Document, 2 Pages, 12.53 KB (report1361)
[10]The Utley Foundation Articles of Incorporation
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PDF Document, 15 Pages, 876.72 KB (bylaw1070)
[12]Waterview Park Apartments Restated Articles of Organization
PDF Document, 10 Pages, 2.26 MB (charter1009)
[13]The Utley Foundation Board Minutes 20060413
PDF Document, 3 Pages, 175.92 KB (minutes1052)
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PDF Document, 3 Pages, 161.06 KB (minutes1053)
[15]The Utley Foundation Board of Directors
PDF Document, 1 Page, 30.66 KB (list1061)
[16]The Utley Foundation Financial Statement 2005 2006
PDF Document, 3 Pages, 118.07 KB (report1360)
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