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2007 Reaffirmation Teams

3.2.6 - 2007 Reaffirmation Teams

There is a clear and appropriate distinction, in writing and practice, between the policy-making functions of the governing board and the responsibility of the administration and faculty to administer and implement policy.

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A clear distinction exists between The University of Texas System (UT System) Board of Regents’ policy-making functions and The University of Texas at Dallas’ (UT Dallas) responsibility to administer and to implement those policies. The Board of Regents’ policy-making function is defined in Section 51.352 of the Texas Education Code (TEC), which states that the Board “shall provide the policy direction for each institution of higher education that is under its management and control [1].” The Board holds regular meetings in February, May, July, August, November, and December, and the minutes of the meeting, which demonstrate clearly the policy-making function of the Board, are posted on the Board’s website [2]. Series 10101 of the UT System Board of Regents’ Rules and Regulations states that “the rules adopted by the Board have the same force as statutes [3].” Section 4 of Series 10100 provides guidelines for drafting or amending rules that ensure that the UT System and UT Dallas have “the proper degree of autonomy [4].” For instance, any new rule “should communicate an important governing principle rather than specifying operational detail” and “should avoid dictating policy or procedure that could be better determined by an institution.”

Series 20101 sets forth the duties (including the implementation of policies) of the chancellor of the UT System [5]. Series 20201 outlines the duties and responsibilities of the president and states that “under the supervision and direction of the appropriate executive vice chancellor, the president has general authority and responsibility for the administration of that institution [6].” As discussed in the response to Principle 2.3 [7], the president is expected to (1) “develop and administer plans and policies for the program, organization, and operation of the institution,” (2) “interpret the System policy to the staff, and interpret the institution’s programs and needs to the System Administration and to the public,” (3) “develop and administer policies relating to students…,” etc. President Daniel’s job description specifies his duties and responsibilities [8].

Series 31004 addresses the rights and responsibilities of faculty [9]. Section 1 and 2 ensure freedom in research and in the classroom, and section 4 defines the primary duties of the faculty. Beyond teaching, research, and community service, faculty are expected to serve on faculty committees and to attend to administrative and disciplinary tasks. Series 40101 details the role of the faculty in formulating educational policy [10]. Section 3 states that the faculty are subject to the authority of the Board of Regents, and Section 4 outlines the procedures for approval of new policies that require the approbation of the Board of Regents.

At UT Dallas, Title III, Chapter 21 [11] of the Handbook of Operating Procedures, which establishes the faculty governance structure, including the Academic Senate, puts into practice Series 40101. In doing so, Title III repeats verbatim Sections 3 and 4 of Series 40101.

As discussed in the response to Principle 3.7.5 [12], UT Dallas has a strong faculty governance organization that utilizes committees to develop and implement policies. The charges of these committees are published on the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost’s numbered policy memoranda website along with other pertinent academic policies regarding the roles and responsibilities of academic administrators and faculty [13]. This material is also available online in the Faculty Handbook, which contains information regarding the operation and organization of business affairs, the police, student affairs, and information resources. The Academic Senate’s bylaws [14] and the minutes from its meetings [15] demonstrate how policies are administered and implemented at UT Dallas.

Finally, the Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual, which is also published online, offers a comprehensive reference of policies, procedures and general information concerning the operation of UT Dallas [16]. The introduction to the Manual states that the “[m]aterials contained in this Manual are intended solely for the use of employees and members of the University to assist in the performance of their duties. All statutes, Rules and Regulations of the State of Texas, Rules and Regulation of the Board of Regents, administrative actions, policy statements and official University publications take precedence over and supersede any and all statements contained in this Manual.”

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