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2007 Reaffirmation Teams - 2007 Reaffirmation Teams

The legal authority and operating control of the institution are clearly defined for the following areas within the institution's governance structure: institutional policy, including policies concerning related and affiliated corporate entities and all auxiliary services.

Compliance Judgment



The legal authority and operating control of The University of Texas at Dallas (UT Dallas) are clearly defined under Sections 51.352 [1] and 65.31 [2] of the Texas Education Code (TEC), wherein The University of Texas System (UT System) Board of Regents is “authorized and directed to govern, operate, support, and maintain each of the component institutions that are now or may hereafter be included in a part of The University of Texas System.” Furthermore, the Board is charged to “promulgate and enforce such other rules and regulations for the operation, control, and management of the university system and the component institutions thereof as the board may deem either necessary or desirable” and may “delegate a power or duty of the board to a committee, officer, employee, or other agent of the board [2]. As discussed in the response to Principle 2.3 [3], the Board of Regents has delegated authority to make institutional policies to the president (with the appropriate input and oversight of the Office of General Counsel, the chancellor, and the executive vice chancellor for academic affairs). In terms of fiscal operations, UT Dallas operates in accordance with Series 20501 of the UT System Board of Regents’ Rules and Regulations, which establishes that the internal control for fiscal matters is the responsibility of the chief business officer of the institution [4]. As part of that obligation, the chief business officer (UT Dallas’ vice president for business affairs) has the responsibility to ensure that the institution makes fiscally responsible and ethical decisions regarding the auxiliary enterprises in which UT Dallas chooses to engage [5].

Auxiliary services, as defined by Section 2252.061 of the Texas Government Code (TGC), constitute a “business activity that is conducted at a state agency, provides a service to the agency, and is not paid for with any appropriated money [6].” As such, auxiliary services at UT Dallas are self-supportive activities that must support university educational programs.

With the oversight and input of the UT System Office of General Counsel, the vice president for business affairs (VPBA) is responsible for signing contracts on behalf of the university for auxiliary services [7]. The assistant vice president for procurement management oversees the contracts and services manager who is in turn responsible for overseeing non-housing, contractual auxiliary services [8].

UT Dallas offers and operates a variety of auxiliary services for the benefit of the university as referenced in the attached Auxiliary Enterprises 2006-2007 Budget document [9]. The following auxiliary service operations are managed by third party contractors:

  • Food Service, operated by Aramark
  • College Bookstore, operated by Barnes & Noble
  • Vending Machines, operated by All Seasons Service
  • Management of Waterview Park V - IX, Ltd., operated by First Worthing
  • Technology Store, operated by Computize

These contracts were awarded in accordance with applicable laws and rules and based on criteria within the Request for Proposal (RFP) that allowed for the selection of the contractor that provided the best value to the university. UT System provides oversight during the contract development phase in accordance with UT System Policy 145, which details the procedures for the processing of contracts [10]. Also, when appropriate, UT System and the Board of Regents must approve specific contracts or contracts exceeding certain dollar values [4].

Contract administration and oversight for food service, bookstore, vending, and Technology Store contracts are handled by the contracts and services manager within Procurement Management [8]. Oversight of the management contract for Waterview Park V - IX, Ltd. is the responsibility of the director of student housing and the vice president for student affairs. The contracts for food service, bookstore, vending, and Technology Store are located in Procurement Management. The contract for housing is located in the VPBA’s office.

The UT Dallas Business Affairs Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual contains internal policies pertaining to the bookstore [11] and food service [12] operations in the Facilities and Services section. Select university committees, such as the Campus Housing Advisory Committee [13] and the Food Service Advisory Committee [14], also provide input and advice relating to auxiliary services

Supporting Documents

Footnote Document
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Link to UT Dallas 2007-ccr Compliance Certification Report
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