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2007 Reaffirmation Teams

2.6 - 2007 Reaffirmation Teams

The institution is in operation and has students enrolled in degree programs.

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The University of Texas at Dallas (UT Dallas) has been in continuous operation since 1969 and currently has students enrolled in both undergraduate and graduate programs. The 61st Legislature established UT Dallas initially (June 13, 1969) as a graduate institution within The University of Texas System (UT System) [1]. In the fall semester of 1975, UT Dallas was authorized to enroll junior and senior undergraduate transfer students and offer bachelor’s degrees not only in the original natural science areas and mathematics, but also in arts and humanities, general studies, human development, management, and social sciences [2]. In 1990, Section 70.08 of the Texas Education Code (TEC) authorized UT Dallas to enroll freshmen and sophomores for the first time [3].

Currently (summer 2007), UT Dallas is authorized to offer bachelor’s degrees in 42 different areas of study, master’s degrees in 47 different areas of study, doctor of philosophy degrees in 28 different areas of study, and a professional doctorate in audiology for a total of 118 programs [4] [5]. Operationally, these degrees are housed in seven schools: Arts and Humanities; Behavioral and Brain Sciences; Economic, Political, and Policy Sciences; Engineering and Computer Science; General Studies; Management; and Natural Sciences and Mathematics.

The Office of Strategic Planning and Analysis [6] tracks enrollment at UT Dallas. The total enrollment for the fall 2006 semester was 9,375 undergraduate students and 5,148 graduate students [7]. The Headcount of Majors by UT Dallas School and Program table shows the number of student majors in each degree for the fall semesters of 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006 [8].

Supporting Documents

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